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Driving a vehicle is a huge responsibility, which can affect the public and the driver’s safety. This is why CB Automotive works to make sure that owners are handling roadworthy cars. To this end, we perform various inspections and procedures to guarantee that your car is in optimal working condition before taking it to the road.

Thorough Roadworthy Certification Process

As an accredited facility to conduct inspections, we are dedicated to providing great care when doing our work. With the help of our qualified and experienced technicians, you can rest assured that your vehicles are in good hands.

Our meticulous certification process leaves no room for errors and failings. You can count on us to evaluate the roadworthiness of your vehicle and bring them up to standards for your safe driving and transportation.

Certification for All Needs

You can rely on CB Automotive whether you need a Roadworthy Certificate (RWC), a Certificate of Inspection (COI) or a Heavy Vehicle Registration Assessment Scheme (HVRAS). Our services cover various automobile types such as four-wheel drives, trucks and trailers.

Our RWC procedure is designed to help you ensure the best performance of your cars and 4WDs, while our COIs are most suited for annual inspections of trucks and trailers with more than 4 tonnes capacity. Our HVRAS can help you measure up your vehicles when you run out of registration.

We take pride in covering your certification needs, which is why we provide premium help in ensuring that your vehicles pass regulatory standards before transferring ownership to family members or friends. These are also suitable for transferring your automobiles from one state to another.

A CB Automotive
A CB Automotive

Why Work with Us

We let our Roadworthy services speak for itself. From top-notch performance from our staff to the meticulous procedures and best practices we implement, you are guaranteed to get the best value for your money with us.

For new clients, here’s why you should choose CB Automotive:

We are a Family Business

CBA Automotive is a family-run business that has been around since 1979. We have spent decades perfecting our services and creating a set of best practices and building a good reputation for our company. Because of this, you can rely on us to provide only the best quality service in the area with state-of-the-art equipment operated by experts.

Certified Professionals

To ensure that we maintain our good name, we see to it that we only work with qualified individuals in every aspect of our work. Each staff member is equipped with the right training, skills and experience to get the job done effectively and efficiently. Moreover, we take pride in good old-fashioned service with the help of our courteous, friendly and trustworthy staff.

A CB Automotive
CB Automotive Car Services

All-Around Car Services

As we have been around for many years, we are committed to providing a holistic workshop service. Aside from inspections and certifications, other car services are available at our location including:

  • General servicing
  • Logbook servicing
  • Fleet and truck maintenance
  • General and major repairs
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